Game: Chain Reversi

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Android app on Google Play


Chain Reversi is similar to Reversi, except the "sandwich" rule is applied until no more sandwiches that convert cells to the player's colour exist. Additionally, the end game rule is changed: the player that is first to make their opponent unable to move wins.

How To Play

Rules of Chain Reversi


As you play Chain Reversi, you will note that large numbers of cells tend to change each move. This happens because sandwiches created by sandwiches are resolved. By anticipating which cells will be changed in these subsequent iterations, it's possible to manipulate the game such that cells become stuck as yours. You can thus arrange for your opponent to have few or no cells placed such that they can form part of their sandwiches. It is often advantageous (though not always so) to capture cells that lie on the edges of the board. It is almost always advantageous to capture the corner cells, as these will usually enable you to make sandwiches, and cannot be lost once a player has captured them.